Kenne Bell recently redesigned its website to provide more information with better usability.

Customers were convinced to buy from us because of the extensive information found on our website… — Jim Bell, Kenne Bell

With a complex product like a supercharger, it’s important to provide customers and potential customers with plenty of information. Making that data as easily accessible is as important an aspect of a website as tuning is to making a boosted combination perform properly, which is exactly why Kenne Bell recently redesigned its website.

The new site features over 1,000 photos and 200 pages of content. Obviously all that content is dedicated to the company’s product line, but it’s not all part numbers and prices. There are over 100 tech stories that cover everything from basics to dyno testing.

The redesigned site focuses on providing plenty of technical information, including over 1,000 photos and 100 pages of content.

“We realized from the beginning that many of our customers were convinced to buy from us because of the extensive information found on our website,” Jim Bell, President of Kenne Bell, said. “But at the same time we heard from folks they wanted an easy way to quickly search for the exact information they wanted. The new site makes is easier to find information and review everything from Record Breakers to new product press releases. We believe if a customer comes to our site, they will find plenty of good reasons to purchase our products.”

If supercharger info is your thing, you can check out the new site and all that blower info on the redesigned Kenne Bell site right here.