Before jumping ship from Subaru to Ford, Ken Block made a name for himself as a shoe mogul and wild man behind the wheel. What really got Ken Block’s name out into the public domain though were his wild, off-the-wall Gymkhana videos. Gymkhana is a type of motorsport originating in Japan which involves elaborate, fast rally courses. Block set himself apart by going over the top with his courses and employing all sorts of stunts, like exploding trailers and water balloons.

Motor Trend got their hands on some teaser images from  Gymkhana 3, starring Block in a new Ford Fiesta, and set for release this week.

Ford poached Block from Subaru late last year, perhaps at the height of Block’s popularity, and gave him a new set of wheels to get familiar with. To be honest, Block’s first year behind the wheel of the Fiesta hasn’t been all that great. That is to be expected, as Block gets familiar with the car. A number of mechanical problems have also plagued the team, including an alternator failure at this weekend’s Rally Deutschland, where an alternator failure took Block out of the running for his first WRC points finish.

What we really love about Block are his Gymkhana videos though. These images don’t give us much, though we’re thinking this particular event might have taken place at night. Tomorrow’s reveal is just part one though, which means there is a lot more Fiesta love waiting for us in the coming weeks.