In the realm of street and strip power adders for high performance vehicles such as the Mustang, turbochargers and turbo components tend to carry a relatively higher cost and more involvement in the fabrication and installation process than other power adding means, but when it comes to producing serious horsepower, the hair dryers are simply hard to beat.

Justin Burcham and the crew at Justin’s Performance Center up in Maryland recently outfitted their 5.0L-motivated 2011 Mustang GT test bed with a single turbocharger system designed and fabricated in-house at JPC and flogged it on the dyno to find the horsepower and torque capabilities of the boosted 5.0 powerplant. The turbo system at hand is highlighted by a Precision Turbo billet 76mm ball bearing turbo with all stainless steel piping under the hood.


The 2011 GT, which is completely stock to the mufflers other than the JPC turbo system, produced a very impressive 615 rear wheel horses on just 6 pounds of boost in conjunction with 93 octane fuel. Those numbers have parlayed into a quarter mile best of 10.94 at 131 MPH on a set of Drag Radials. We can only assume that due to the 131 MPH trap speed that this Mustang is making well over 500 lb/ft to the rear tires as well.  It’s hard to argue with 10-second performance from essentially an otherwise stock vehicle from the showroom floor, and it’ll be interesting to see what this thing can do when/if JPC cranks the boost.