One way or another, high horsepower small blocks have become the norm in the Mustang community. We can’t argue that the Fox and New Edge platforms offer some of the best bang for the buck as far as chassis go, but what about the style that really kicked off the Mustang’s successful career? We don’t see a whole lot of the 60’s Mustangs being setup like an Outlaw 10.5 car, but the look is nothing short of awesome when someone does go for it.

Take a look at Paul McDermott’s wild ’66 Mustang build on Yellow Bullet.

While Paul isn’t looking to go after the heavy-hitting Outlaw 10.5 contenders, he’s looking to build himself one heck of a stylin’ car that’s quick enough to have enough power to enjoy it and go fast. With a 331 C.I. SBF on board, and a Billet 106mm turbocharger, “fast” will be an understatement. For all this new-found power, a Big Stuff 3 EFI was employed to control it all. Better yet, Paul isn’t paying some high-end shop to do all his work for him, he’s doing it all on his own at the age of 22 in his home garage. We can’t think of any better form of the phrase, “do-it-yourselfer.”

Sounds wild, but better yet, Paul plans to let this car enjoy plenty of spirited street-driven miles. Of course, some 1/4 mile runs are in store when she’s all ready to go also. Since the car isn’t being built for any particular class rules the final weigh-in should be right around a mere 2500 pounds. If we had to guess, with this kind of power, such a light weight and a 33×10.5″ tire, mid 7’s should be a fairly attainable goal for Paul and his sweet ’66. Will this homegrown hot-rod have what it takes to lay it down on the strip and be a street-friendly cruiser?