In the forced induction game in Mustang enthusiast circles, supercharger kits from any number of renowned manufacturers are a dime a dozen at car shows and local street racing meeting points, but when it comes to turbocharging; well that’s a little more of a rarity. Fortunately, companies such as Hellion Power Systems produce ready-to-install kits in addition to the myriad of speed shops that will custom fabricate such a setup, for the right price of course.

553hp 603 tq at 9psi

And so when the guys at Blow By Racing shared their recent exploits with one of the Hellion turbo systems on a new 5.0L GT, we knew we had to pass it along to our readers.

This six-speed manual-equipped 2011 GT sports a set of Steeda lowering springs, Magnaflow Competition Axle-back exhaust, an SCT X3 tuner with Blow By’s Xtreme 93 tune, and a CS/GT front valance with a BOSS splitter for an appearance upgrade in addition to the aforementioned turbo system featuring a 67mm Precision unit from John Urist and company down at Hellion Power Systems.

653 hp 730 tq at 15psi

On the chassis dyno, this audibly striking Mustang cranks out 553 horses and 603 ft/lbs of torque at 9psi, and an impressive 653 ponies and ridiculous 730 ft/lbs of torque at a increased 15psi, giving this ride enough oomph to easily turn some low 10-second laps, if not quicker. This result also proves that while a turbocharger may carry more expense and involvement than other power adders, there are certainly significant advantages.