Lightning Meet Lead ArtWhile we can bask in the glory of new performance trucks like the 2017 F-150 Raptor, it has been a whopping 13 years since Ford’s now-defunct Special Vehicle Team produced its last street performance truck—the Lightning. For many these trucks are low on voltage but for fans of these supercharged haulers, the spark of passion is still strong.

No further evidence of the Lightning’s lasting charge than the 2017 Florida Lightning/Harley Davidson Meet held at the Route 46 Entertainment District in Sanford, Florida on February 18, 2017. Organized by Tommy McGee, whose day job is Director of Internet Sales at PalmBay Ford.

Nearly 50 Lightning trucks gathered at the Route 46 Entertainment District in Sanford, Florida, to celebrate SVT’s performance pickup at the 2017 Florida Lightning/Harley Davidson Meet.

“It started at Old Town and started to get a little stagnant. About three years ago we did the last one at Old Town. It was dumping rain and about five or six trucks showed up,” Tommy explained. “So, I took it over and changed it up. Went to Daytona last year and had about 70 trucks. More people started to get interested in it and now I am changing it up every year to a different venue because this is some peoples’ vacation.”

Taking over the event and guiding it back from the brink was a passion play for Tommy, who seems to thrive on making the event a great time for fellow Lightning fans.

From his Slayer shirt to his build-it-for-the-street attitude, Eric Gray is your author’s kinda guy. His 700-horsepower 2003 Lighting sports a built motor, a Whipple 3.4-liter supercharger and every possible mod you can imagine, including subtle touches like a shaved antenna. “Trailer queens ain’t my thing. I wanted to build something that I could get my achievement out of. …I built this truck so that—the way I drive it in street form—I can drive to the track, run a 10.8-10.9 on street wheels at 5,000 pounds and turn around and drive it home,” he told us. “I don’t build them to the point where getting there is a chore. The drive is what’s about for me. I have no qualms. I could hop in this and go to California…”