Hagerty is a classic car insurance company and they put together a list of the top ten collector’s cars of the future, or the “Hagerty Hot List”. This list was decided together by the valuation experts of the company. Since Hagerty specializes in classic cars, they have this list of cars that may be collector’s items decades from now.

“This year’s Hot List includes cars that are sure to develop a cult-like following because their characteristics resonate with driving enthusiasts,” said Hagerty CEO McKeel Hagerty in a release.

Holding down the number two spot on the hot list is our very own Ford Mustang BOSS 302 Laguna Seca. Bringing back the BOSS brought back nostalgia for some of the guys and gals reliving the good old days but in a modern beast of a car. The BOSS 302 will likely be a nice collector’s item, but the track-ready Laguna Seca edition has made the Hagerty Hot List for more than just holding onto that old BOSS name.

Looks like our American nemesis is holding down the number seven spot due to the Camaro fans that believe that the ZL1 will beat out our Shelby GT500. No worries, the ZL1 obviously must hail to our monster Mustang, BOSS 302 the Laguna Seca. The only Camaro they see may be in their rear-view.

The “Hagerty Hot List” Complete Collector’s List in order: Buick Regal GS which isn’t just your grandpa’s Buick, our very own Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Edition, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, Fiat 500 Abarth, Volkswagen Golf R, Porsche 911, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Nissan GT-R Black Edition, Dodge Charger SRT8, and then the Audi TT RS.

Hold on to your BOSS LS, folks!