Being able to see important data from a racecar’s electronics is vital when it comes to tuning the car and find issues while it’s running, so using a display like AEM’s CD-7 Digital Dash is critical in this process. To make connecting the CD-7 to popular electronics like Holley’s ECUs and the MSD Atomic TBI EFI easier, AEM developed their own CD-7 Plug & Play Harness for each of these units. The CD-7 Harness takes the guesswork out of connecting devices to the CD-7 and cleans up any cars wiring.

The CD-7 Plug & Play CAN Communications Harness for Holley EFI Systems is designed to work directly with AEM’s CD-7 dash with no additional wiring. It attaches to a CAN2 connector on the CD-7 harness and CAN Output on the Holley harness.

AEM’s Lawson Mollica breaks down what makes these cables work so well.

“Using these cables makes this a three-plug plus power and ground connection, versus having to source connectors, twist and crimp wires. This means you can be programming your dash in under 15 minutes, versus a couple of hours to create your own version, not to mention the time to source the components.”

Many racers use the MSD Power Grid to help control different functions in their racecar and AEM wanted to be sure they could see these functions on the CD-7 easier. “We also developed a plug- and-play adapter harness that connects to the CAN out on MSD Atomic TBI EFI systems to the CAN inputs on the CD-7 dash. Because the Atomic EFI system is capable of powering the CD-7, there are two DTM-style connectors on the AEM side of the Adapter Harness; channels are sent to the CD-7 through the CAN-2 connection and power is delivered through the AEMnet connection,” Mollica explains.

“In addition to these, we created a Power Cable to simplify the power connection for use with third party systems, which we have hardware validated over 150 of from various manufacturers in house, and have created other Plug & Play adapter harnesses for the CD-7 for a variety of 3rd party engine management systems,” Mollica says.

If you’re looking to add a CD-7 Dash to your racecar make sure you check out AEM’s website for these harnesses and others they offer to make the process a snap!