Getaway Movie

Even though a brand new Mustang is slated to make its world debut in a few short months, Hollywood has decided that the S197 platform needs a couple of final movie flings before driving off into the sunset. One of those movies is based on the Need For Speed video game series and stars Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul as he races across the U.S. against the clock and fellow street racers.

The other summer blockbuster starring the Shelby GT500 is Getaway, alongside Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez alongside a 725 hp Shelby Super Snake. Movie ticket hub Fandango is sponsoring a contest where one lucky winner will get a Shelby Super Snake of their own.

Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez star alongside the Shelby Super Snake in Getaway.

Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez star alongside the Shelby Super Snake in Getaway.

Hawke stars as a former race car driver who steals the Shelby Super Snake in a race to save his wife. Gomez is the Shelby’s owner who gets taken along for the ride, and there’s sure to be plenty of high-speed hijinks and action to go around. We’ve seen reports that 130 cars were destroyed making this film.

Getaway hits theaters on Labor Day, and this contest is an effort to build up even more buzz around the movie. It joins movies like Driver and Gone In 60 Seconds in celebrating the speed and performance of the Ford Mustang.

And for Mustang fans, this contest is a rare chance to own a Shelby Super Snake. The Super Snake is a post-title package starts at $28,995, and can run as high as $41,500, not including the cost of a new Shelby GT500 (starting MSRP; $55,495). Before you start adding any options, that puts the price right around $85,000. In other words, most of us just can’t afford it.

The contest couldn’t be simpler though, and unlike many contests it won’t take forever to find out if you won or not. The drawing is scheduled for September 13th, so you could be driving a new 662 hp Shelby GT500 just in time for the first orange leaves of fall. And if you haven’t entered already, the Need For Speed movie is ALSO giving away a Shelby GT500. Two chances to win new GT500’s sounds like enough reason for us to check them out and see the movies as well. So what are you waiting for?