gas-monkey-mustangOnce upon a time, the Discovery Channel was the place you tuned your television to when you wanted to watch a special on the mating habits of the Emperor Penguin. You can still find that stuff, if you look hard enough. The TV execs however, figured out that there were more people interested in old cars and hot rods than penguin sex, and the Discovery Channel now has a plethora car-related shows, including the hit series Fast ‘N’ Loud.

Starring the gearheads running the Gas Monkey Garage, Fast ‘N’ Loud follows the antics of owner Richard Rawlings and his second-in-command Aaron Kaufman, who restore old cars in a myriad of interesting ways. In an interesting twist, the Gas Monkey crew was contracted to build a custom 2013 Ford Mustang GT for the Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe as part of a big giveaway package.

Kaufman and Rawlings will be on hand on April 27th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The six-story hotel and casino will allow Rockstar Club members to play for cash prizes, free gambling, and other small prizes to keep things interesting. The real prize is the 2013 Mustang Coupe customized by the Gas Monkey guys.

Started in 2004, Gas Monkey Garage has risen to become one of the most popular custom car shops in the nation, hence the television show. Details on the 2013 Mustang customization are in short supply, but at the very least it looks to have gotten new wheels, paint, and a sexy green racing stripe down the side. The rest of the mystery will have to wait to be revealed on April 27th at the Albuquerque Hard Rock casino. Guess we should make our travel plans now if we’re going to try to win. Good luck!