For months now the debate about what the 2015 S550 Mustang is going to look like has been ongoing. And while we’ve been waiting by the phone for leaked updates, we’re saddened to inform you that few have come through on our end. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re completely in the dark about the next generation’s good looks. Thanks to members on the Mustang6G forum, we’re getting a peak at what might be to come.

Spy photos of the future Mustang have been showing up in groves lately, from professional photogs that make a living scoping out the camouflage-clad future models to unsuspecting enthusiasts caught behind a blacked out “test car.” Either way, these images are exciting for those looking to get a glimpse of what the redesigned pony car will entail.

Recently, Mustang6G members spotted a group of the S550 model prototypes hanging out in an Arizona hotel parking lot. Clad in full body masks, the cars joined a whole gamete of similarly prepped future Ford test vehicles.

While there were reports of police escorts at the hotel accompanying the vehicles and their divers, die-hard enthusiasts were able to capture the photos you see here. Surprisingly nonchalant, the crew tending to the next-gen Fords even gave photographers the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the future pony car’s interior. Inside you’ll notice a significantly more concave steering wheel and much plusher sport seats.

Unfortunately, because of the cars’ disguises, not much can be discerned about the new design, other than that it truly looks to be a mix between fourth and fifth-generation models. Rumored to be smaller, lighter and more nimble than current Mustangs, we think these pictures show proof of something glorious to come for the famed muscle car.

It may be awhile yet before the 2015 Mustang is revealed in full, but for now we have spy photos and this video shot by Chris Doane Automotive for in June to keep us drooling until the time comes for the full reveal to take place. Enjoy!