forgiato-mustang-2Now that Ford has released dozens of images of the 2015 Mustang, graphic artists have been granted free reign to dream up any number od body-kits and exterior enhancements for the next-gen muscle car. It’s not that these designers don’t love the look of the stock 2015 Mustang, but instead are looking for a way to add their own personal touch to the latest and greatest sports car from Ford.

forgiato-mustang-1Forgiato Wheels has published what is one of the first of many renderings for a potential widebody kit fitted to the 2015 Mustang. For all you who love a curvy woman, this Mustang might be for you.

The swooping rear quarter panels and the sweep into a ducktail-style spoiler give it a definite Dark Knight, Gotham City sort of feel, though the front end is all American muscle car bravado. The cowl induction hood and street-scraping chin spoiler are all nods to the Mustang’s racing heritage, and the big booty of the 2015 style Mustang gets even bigger with this body-kit.

The design was commissioned by Forgiato wheels to showcase some of their own popular shoes, and the actual render work itself was done by Kris Horton of CarsbyKris. It’s a good look for the new ‘Stang, just the first of many body-kits sure to be in the works for this latest and greatest Ford muscle car. We can hardly wait to see what else is in the pipeline.