During the 1960’s, legend has it that Lee Iaccoca was charged with developing a vehicle to capture the emerging “baby boomer” market that was coming of age and looking for fun, cheap automobiles. The car Ford would come up with was of course the Mustang, which was pulled from Ford’s lineup of “X-cars.”

One of the lesser-known X-Cars was the Ford Allegro, which first debuted in 1962 and was re-purposed in 1967 as the Allegro II. Hemmings Auto Blog has a nice write up on this unique Ford that has hints of the Mustang design that was to come…as well as an eventual rival.

The original Allegro concept debuted in 1962, and five years later Ford designers chopped off the roof, added some flying buttresses, and wah-la, the Allegro II concept. More design study than production automobile, the Allegro II was actually very forward looking and futuristic, and details like the round headlights and center grille certainly influenced Mustangs of the era. The front end looks not at all unlike a 1970+ Chevy Camaro.

But it is at the rear end that we find the most to like about this unique concept, as the exhaust exits through the rear bumper and the taillights are simple and futuristic looking all at the same time. It’d be interesting to know the fate of this concept car, and it is just as likely that it ended up in the crusher as it did in some Ford museum or private collection. We could do without the name…but we do like the design. How about you?