When the 2012 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 debuted, the Blue Oval made a big deal over the littlest of features. But the option that really caught people’s eyes wasn’t the new intake manifold or the neat body kit. It was the TracKey, a standard feature that, when inserted into the Mustang, changed it from a track beast, to a track monster. Yet almost a year after the BOSS 302 hit dealerships, there has been no word on the TracKey.

As we had earlier reported, issues with California’s Air Resource Board had helped up distribution of the TracKey in the Golden State and the rest of the country. Well according to Mustangs Daily, those issues have been resolved, and Ford is set to announce a delivery date of the TracKeys at the 2011 SEMA show.

The holdup came because of California’s clean air laws. These laws state that any modification that improves performance can not increase emissions, essentially. Ford had a tough time proving this to Cali, and thus had to stall in delivering TracKeys to any customers as many states voluntary adhere to California’s more-stringent air laws.

But apparently CARB and Ford have worked things out, and the TracKey availability will be announced at SEMA. The TracKey changes around 300 parameters on the Mustang, allowing for a more spirited driving experience. This is sure to excite BOSS 302 owners from coast to coast, and certainly is cause of celebration.