We heard about it before it happened, and even still, we were surprised when Ford announced the 2012 Boss Mustang. Then again, all the signs were there, including the race-ready Boss 302R Ford released last winter. We’ve gotten all the details on this new street racer, but we could always do with some more pictures.

Ford has answered by unleashing a slew of new Boss Mustang pictures, going into all the details on this new Mustang for all of us to salivate over.

The Blue Oval made an interesting move by not only releasing information on the Boss Mustang, but also on its race-ready cousin, the Boss Mustang Laguna Seca Edition. Ford has released pictures of both cars, giving us a better idea of the differences between the two vehicles. Both Boss models get an improved 440 horsepower 5.0 liter V8, adjustable suspension, and looks inspired by the classic Boss Mustang of the ‘60’s. Plus, Ford has made modifications like removing much of the sound deadening so you can really hear the Boss growl. Isn’t that nice of them?

As these pictures show, the Boss 302 is more street worthy than the Laguna Seca model. With an aggressive (and low hanging) front splitter, rear-seat delete, and other body enhancements, it is clear this car is meant for racing. In fact, many of the body enhancements were lifted right from the Boss’s big brother, the 302R. Still, the Boss 302 takes a lot of the guessing work out of modifying your new Mustang.

Plus, it’s a Boss! The name alone says it all. Make sure you check out Ford’s site for even more pictures and information regarding this awesome muscle machine.

Check out the new photos below!