The Ford Mustang is quite possible the most-modified vehicle of all time, and much of the credit for developing the parts to make those modifications easy goes to our friends at Ford Racing Parts.  Having the full weight of Ford Motor Company behind everything they do makes it easier for them to develop parts and pieces that work properly the first time, every time. 

The Ford Racing Parts team has put together two 2005-13 Mustang GT FR3 Handling Paks (PN M-FR3A-MGTA, -MGTAA for adjustable dampers) that include everything you’ll need for installation except the tools, jack, and jackstands you’ll require to get the car up off the ground. The kits are designed to be relatively simple for the novice installer to handle, and will give you an end-result of a 1″ drop at all four corners of the car – great for improving handling for enthusiasts without degrading the ride quality the late-model Mustang has become well-known for over the years. 

The subtle one-inch drop with a set of big wheels and tires makes all the difference on this Gotta Have It Green engineering mule.

In addition to improving the handling performance of the vehicle, dropping the car an inch on the suspension has the added effect of improving steering responsiveness and feel, while helping to “fill the wheelwells” without investing in a new wheel and tire package.

Each kit includes a pair of  assembled front struts (no spring compressor needed!) and matched rear shocks, M-5300-P lowering springs, a pair of upgraded M-18183-C upper strut mounts, new jounce stops, and even an M-5490-A sway bar kit, complete with billet end links and urethane bushings all around. The adjustable rear panhard bar (PN M-4264-A) corrects bar geometry for the lowered ride height. All components are designed to work together as a package, and fits the 2005-13 Mustang GT Coupe. Check out the Ford Racing Parts website for more information.