In August we brought you the details on Ford Racing’s new Z460 crate engine, capable of cranking out 575 hp, the Z460 has proven to be an extremely popular engine for enthusiasts looking for a powerful engine solution for a variety of vehicles.

Seeing the high-end internals and foundation of the Z460 offer the potential for greater performance many enthusiasts look to take this engine foundation further. For them there’s the new Z460 short-block from Ford Racing, part number M-6009-460. This short-block uses the same 9.5-inch deck BOSS 4.150-inch bore block as the Z460 crate engine. The internals in the short-block are the same as well including:

  • Scat forged crankshaft, 4.250-inch stroke.
  • Scat H-beam rods.
  • Mahle forged pistons.
  • Neutral balanced assembly.
  • Hydraulic roller camshaft compatible.

This short-block is ready to accept any enthusiast or engine builder’s cam, heads and intake manifold, and should provide a solid foundation for a variety of builds. Forged internals of course ensure light-weight, and durability, even when used with power-adders. The BOSS block is the strongest in the Ford Racing line up.

The Z460 short-block was developed by the same engineers who designed the Z460 crate engine, as well as Ford’s NASCAR, and Pro-Stock engines.

Paired with more aggressive parts than the Z460 long block, 600 horsepower should easily be within reach of the Z460 short block. Whether you’re an enthusiast building a mean street machine, or a racer looking for your next engine the Z460 short-block offers a versatile platform for building a variety of engine projects.