Small-tire racing has helped to revitalize drag racing across the country in recent years, with impressive performances and exciting action on the track. This racing has also helped to push the envelope of horsepower development, and chassis technology as racers try to extract every last ounce of performance out of their cars. One racer, Stan Scruggs is currently putting the finishing touches on a 2013 Ford Mustang that’s part of this new generation of small-tire cars that’s both quicker and safer.

Scruggs has been racing since he was old enough to drive, and eventually worked his way up to heads-up racing in a Fox body Mustang. After an unfortunate accident where that car was totaled, Scruggs took a break from driving to concentrate on his business of wiring race cars at Smack Talk Wiring. Now, Scruggs is ready to get back in the saddle with his stunning 2013 Mustang built by Tin Soldier Racecars with an emphasis on safety.

The Mustang will have a 25.3 certified chassis that was fabricated at Tin Solder, and will feature one of their Fab 9-inch rear ends that’s connected to the chassis by a stock-style three-link suspension. Helping to put the power down to the ground will be a full set of shocks from Menscer Motorsports. Inside the car will be a sea of carbon fiber for weight reduction, including the entire backhalf of the car and the wheel tubs.


Scruggs is keeping things all-Ford under the hood with a 572 cubic inch big-block Ford from BES Racing Engines. A custom set of headers from BoostFab were added to help address the tight quarters under the hood with the big Ford motor. The power adder of choice will be a nitrous system that uses single stage fogger system tuned by “Doctor Ford” Jim Plimpton.

Scruggs plans on racing the car in various No Time shootouts and might even try his hand at some X275 racing later in 2017.