For the past decade, those hot hatch enthusiasts over in the Old World have gotten to enjoy one of the best compact performance cars ever produced; the Focus RS. It never came to America, although Ford has promised that its successor, the Focus ST, would be available for purchase by American consumers once production started. But they didn’t say anything about a wagon version.

But as Autoblog reports, Ford is pulling the veils off of the Focus ST this week at the Frankfurt Auto Show…which will include a wagon version that is unlikely to come to America. All we can say is…why the hell not?!

We make no bones about our affection for long-roof racing vehicles i.e. performance station wagons. From the Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon to our own Project Grandpa, there’s something about the practicality of a wagon, coupled with spirited performance, that we really dig. So at the initial announcement that the 2.0 liter, 247 horsepower EcoBoost engine powering the ST hatchback would also be found in a wagon version of the Focus, we got a wee bit excited.

Perhaps more than we should have because, if the scribes over at Autoblog at to be believed, the Focus ST wagon is for European consumption only…despite the Focus being the cornerstone of Ford’s global vehicle platform. Hopefully, Ford will wise up and offer us Americans a chance to buy a compact performance wagon before too long.