For the past two weeks, Ford has been teasing us with its lineup of custom cars for next week’s SEMA show. First, we got shown a bunch of Fiestas, including a 350 horsepower EcoBoost badboy. Then there was the Explorers, Edges, and Taurus SHO’s they showed us last week. But they car we have really been waiting to hear about from Ford is the Mustang. And they haven’t disappointed.

Ford has laid out its lineup of nine custom Mustangs for next week’s SEMA show, among them plenty of 5.0’s and even a turbocharged V6.

Ford’s own Vehicle Customization team shows what is possible utilizing just those bits and pieces offered directly through Ford Custom Accessories. 18-inch wheels similar to those on the California Special, rear-quarter window louvers, a tri-white paint job, and a billet grille all enhance the exterior. On the inside is faux-carbon fiber inserts, as well as Coral accents.

Moving on is the 5.0 Mustang by Team Buartwell designed for rapper Snoop Dogg. With smoked tail lights, a 3d Carbon body kit, lowering kit, big brakes, and three-piece billet wheels, this Mustang looks like the heavy bruiser of the bunch.

Another 5.0 Mustang will debut, this one from MRT. It goes with the whole “street warrior” theme, delivering a custom color theme and plenty of chassis upgrades like Baer brakes and a performance handling package. It looks like an aggressive street machine for sure.

The Mustang isn’t just about speed or looks though, as it can also be about charity too. Chrome ‘n’ Creations built this outlandish pink Mustang with help from the American Cancer Society, and is equipped with a supercharger, Wilwood brakes, and a 3d Carbon body kit.

This next Mustang might be our favorite though. Made by Mobsteel, it looks like a gangster’s ride of choice with the black paintjob and red accents. What really helps it stand out though is the rear-mount turbo system hooked up to the V6 engine, pumping out V8 horsepower sans two cylinders.

From the magazine world comes the next Mustang, built by the fellows from Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords. A Ford Racing supercharger kit bumps up the horsepower, and an exhaust system and Kooks headers help it breathe easier. A Cervini’s hood, Roush front fascia, and other exterior accents make for one pretty pony.

Raceskinz also built a supercharged 5.0 Mustang, though theirs is definitely race inspired with the rear-seat delete option and extensive carbon fiber use to shed a few pounds.

More show than go, the Tjin Edition Mustang features a Webasto sunroof, “ignited” LED headlights, and a full digital suspension package.

Finally, there is the Mustang done by Street Scene Equipment. Street Scene adds a chin spoiler, main grille, rear wing, and 20-inch wheels for the only convertible of the pack. A strong showing for those of us who prefer droptops.

There you have it. We’ll bring you plenty of pictures of all these rides during next week’s coverage of SEMA.