For the last decade the most American automotive company, Ford, has been harboring a secret across the pond. It’s called the Focus RS, and it is the super-fast Focus that Americans wanted (and deserved.) Powered by a five-cylinder turbocharged Volvo engine, this front-wheel drive fury delivered in the area of 350 horsepower and impressed the likes of auto critics and consumers alike.

While Ford has been mum on the subject, Drive.Au reports that the Blue Oval has confirmed a next-generation Focus RS…and it will be coming to Australia. And hopefully America too.

Ford has not hidden its intentions of offering a hot hatchback version of the Focus. The already-introduced Focus ST (above) boasts Ford’s new 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine cranked up to deliver 247 horsepower and around 266 ft-lbs of torque. But while impressive (especially compared to the standard 140 horsepower Focus) it still pales in comparison to what the Focus RS was offering at its peak.

Worry not, Focus RS fans, as Ford Australia reportedly confirmed that the next-generation Focus RS is a go. The current Focus RS offers about 300 horsepower, and the RS500 limited edition was rated at 350 horsepower, managing the power through a special front-wheel drive limited-slip differential. A next-generation Focus RS should offer at least 300 horsepower when it hits markets sometime in 2013 or 2014.

Whether or not America will finally get a Focus RS of its own remains to be seen, but the new Focus is supposed to be a global platform, so they don’t really have an excuse not to this time around.