The return of the 5.0 moniker for the Mustang crowd has been a huge deal, and the engine has lived up to the hype. These days the trips from factory to aftermarket speed shop are getting shorter and shorter, and Evolution Performance drove their new Mustang straight from the dealership to the shop, and they didn’t slow down. It didn’t take long for Evolution Performance to take their 2011 Mustang GT into the 11’s, before adding a ProCharger that would propel their new ‘Stang into the single digits. Evolution soon became the first shop to send the new 5.0 engine into the 8’s, and their car will forever be a legend in the Mustang world.

And now it’s for sale on RacingJunk for just $59,900, a bargain-bin price for a record-setting Mustang.

We have the saga of Evolution Performance and their 5.0 liter 2011 Mustang GT racer well documented here on StangTV. We watched as this Mustang went  11’s, then 10’s, into the 9’s, and finally going a best of 8.89 @ 147.86 MPH. That’s why it was named StangTV’s Baddest 2011 Mustang GT, because, as they say, there can only be one first. That is this car, which is now for sale for a pittance.

For just under $60,000, you can add to your collection a car that will forever be known as the first 5.0 4V in the 8’s. We don’t have to tell you how important the 5.0 (and 302) moniker is, and with the surge in interest for legendary race cars, there is a good chance this Mustang will be worth a lot more money down the road. How much, well, nobody can say, but you don’t have to hide it away. This is a turn-key race car, proven to run eights and built by one of the premier Mustang tuners in the country. Go have some fun, drag the bumper down the strip, and revel in the fury of this highly tuned 5.0 engine. Whatever you decide to do with this legendary race car…can we get shotgun?