The rumors are flying about the 2013 Mustang refresh. Yesterday we spied some pics of the new gauge cluster that the Mustang will be getting along with its 4.2-inch LCD and Track Apps. Today some folks that went to a dealer preview are talking rumors that are making Mustang Fans salivate. One forum member apparently works for a dealership in some capacity and was in a meeting where the new Mustang was being discussed.

The source claims that during the meeting they were allowed to see the refreshed 2013 Mustang. Naturally, he wasn’t able to shoot photos of the Mustangs since Ford typically collects mobile phones and cameras at the door of such events. The source claims to have seen the 2013 Mustang in person at a dealer conference held in Dearborn. The cars shown at the conference included the Laguna Seca.

The source wrote, “No pics, but I will tell you the front of the 2013 is GT500ish without being too much so, and the new rear end is epic.” The source also noted that Ford confirmed at the event that the refreshed Mustang would be shown for the first time at the LA Auto Show this November. The photo you see here is one of the test cars that is thought to be a 2013 Mustang. Another person posted similar comments in the thread from another dealer source that attended the same event lending credence to the first batch of comments.

The second source said, “…2013 Mustang is GORGEOUS! I saw a black V6, a silver GT, and a School Bus Yellow Laguna Seca! No GT500 they wouldn’t show us anymore than a few partial pictures. Jim Farley promised it will “annillate the competition (cough zl1 cough).”

The source also said, “All models seem to have GT500-esque styling. HIDs across the board, all new from the doors forward, also a new tail panel with outlined blacked out taillights, WAY BETTER than current.”

Another tidbit that grabbed our attention reads, “…yes, the rear lost a lot of plastic and is blacked out with outlined LED taillights. The fascia is different but the boss they were all facing outwards so I didn’t get a good look at the actual bumper cover, just the taillights when they drove off stage. No driveline changes except to GT500 that they mentioned. Boss still has 444 hp. Front and center on stage was a Laguna Seca in School Bus Yellow, even heard the story about how they got the color in 1970. I’m sure a lot of people won’t like the new front end, but most should. I think it is sexy as hell. It is still just a freshen though…”