The gang at Lethal Performance has been running their 2012 Boss 302 harder than I have run mine. The car was put into the hands of Vaughn Gittin Jr. a couple weeks ago with only 1,000 miles on the clock where Gittin drifted the Boss 302 around the track like a mad man. Today Lethal is back with a new video of their performance white Boss 302 and the beast is on the quarter mile for a epic first ever run into the 10’s for a ’12 Boss 302. The car put down a pass of 10.64@124.24 MPH with Jeremy Martorella of UPR Products at the wheel.

The gang at Lethal won’t give the details on what mods are done to the car at this point, though we guess a header back system and a healthy shot of nitrous is all that is really needed to get a Boss into the mid 10’s. What Lethal will tell us is that the car is rolling on a set of Bogart bolted GTs with Hoosier front runners and Mickey Thompson 15″ ET Drags on the back. The car cut a 1.51 60ft time on the launch. We can also see that the car only had a one-wheel burnout. Naturally, the car has a custom Lethal tune considering they said they were shifting in the record breaking run at 7800-7900 RPM, with the stock rev limiter in a Boss 302 is 7500 RPM.