When it came time to get my hot rod on the dyno to see how much power it made, I thought there were only two dynos in my area. I asked around and made a few calls to friends to see who they recommended and they all gave me the same two names I already had. If you have the same problem finding a dyno in your area to get your car on, DynoJet has a very easy to use search engine that will find all the dynos close to you.

You can hit this link, and then pick your state from the drop down box. Once that is done you can then see the entire list of dynos in your area. The chart lists all states and will let you find the dynos for cars, motorcycles, and ATVs or karts.

Once you find the dyno site closest to you, you can view them on a map and most have their emails address, phone number and websites listed. That way you can check the appointment book and costs for the dyno run before you head out.