The 2011 Ford Mustang has only been in showrooms for a few weeks. That hasn’t stopped numerous aftermarket outfits from tearing into the engine like horsepower fiends though, and the results we have thus far seen have been impressive. Already people have gotten the new 5.0 engine to take the 2011 Mustang into the ten second range. What we haven’t seen yet are any serious turbo kits.

Until now. Fastlane, an aftermarket shop based in Houston, Texas, has been hard at work on a turbo kit for the 2011 Mustang GT, and the results so far have been impressive.

Picture: Fastlane – Air Intake Install Upgrade

We want to start by pointing out that a customer-ready kit is not done yet. Fastlane has been hard at work for three weeks, testing both their new bolt-on products and the turbo kit at the same time. They managed to get the 5.0 Mustang up to 412 rear-wheel horsepower using just an exhaust, cold-air intake (pictured above), and long tube headers. We spoke with Nick Field, the dyno tuner at Fastlane, who told us “the power potential of this engine is amazing. We’re going to be able to get a lot out of it.”

The kit they are building for the 5.0 engine is all new, with no basis on the previous 4.6 liter engines, which had to have the turbo mounted low. “We’re going with a single 72 mm Borg Warner turbocharger, as opposed to twin turbos.” Even running a modest 6-7 psi, Nick estimates that one of their turbo 5.0 engines should easily make 530 horsepower at the wheels. “We’ve got a crate engine we are working on too that should make some crazy horsepower, like 750-800 at the wheels,” he says. Both projects are still ongoing, but we’ll be sure to bring you the dyno video the second it becomes available. For now, make your bets; how much horsepower will a turbocharged 5.0 engine make at the wheels?