Different people have different perceptions of what a “stock” car consists of. For many, the simple definition of stock is how the car came from the factory. For others, adding factory parts means it is still technically stock, even if those parts weren’t available on the cars. However, a stock motor means an engine that has not been touched in any way, right?

Well chew on this video, which shows a 2011 Mustang GT, built by Kelley Performance, with a stock-internal motor (with power adder and bolt-ons) and a stock automatic six-speed transmission running 10’s. Say what?

What constitutes a stock Mustang may be up for debate, but here are just the facts. This Mustang has a motor with stock internals, stock transmission, and even the stock torque converter. This is the engine and transmission as they came from the factory…save for the addition of long tube headers and a cold air intake. Then there was also the 200 shot of nitrous that provided a big horsepower kick.

The suspension has a host of parts designed to make the Mustang hook, being a custom anti-roll bar and 4:10 gears (the 2011 Mustang can have up to 3:73 gears installed from the factory). That’s it though, there is nothing else done to this Mustang, and it was able to go 10.30 @ 127 mph. That is damn impressive, and considering that these modifications can be done in your home garage on a budget, you’ve got to be impressed with this new 5.0 motor, Ford fan or not.