It’s hard to imagine that H.B. ‘Toby’ Halicki fully understood the legend he was building with the original filming of Gone in 60 Seconds. The 1974 installment remained largely a cult film until an updated version appeared in 2000, starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie.

A revamped star in this version was ‘Eleanor’ – the code name for a Mustang that was on a list of cars to be stolen. Unlike the original 1974 Eleanor, the modern version was significantly restyled (above). It is that restyling theme that has grown into a cult of its own… for better or worse.

The enthusiasm to own a look-alike model has led to significant commercial business, with a number of companies offering body kits, fully modified Mustangs, toys and all the trappings of a fully fledged franchise. It has also led, in some instances, to people extending the idea in what, on solemn reflection, may be considered inappropriate directions.

This example may, perhaps, gain an atta-boy for most unusual Eleanor platform. Really, I mean, who of ordinary, mortal vision would see developing a Smart for Two into an Eleanor tribute?

If you drive a mid-engine car, you should be proud of it. They are unusual enough to warrant preserving in their original configuration. Not everyone agrees with us, though, as we present this Toyota MR2-based conversion.

Currently showing at the Tokyo Auto Salon, students from Saitama university in Japan were apparently smoking something pretty good when they chose to base their Eleanor clone on a Mk4 Toyota Supra.

While this version is a lot closer to home in a stylistic sense, its not clear to us that the Eleanor body kit on a Mustang coupe is a better idea.

If he were alive today, its pretty sure that Mr. Halicki would be pretty pleased with how well things have gone, in general. He might also reserve a small shake of the head for the more exuberant examples shown here.