The 2010 Forge Muscle Car Show hosted the very first Ford Talladega Family Reunion. This video reviews the entire show including the Talladega Family Reunion, which showcased the awesomely cool Banjo Matthews Prototype Talladega. The Talledega, which was Ford’s response to the super-slippery Dodge Charger Daytona, actually staved off the winged machine for the points win for the 1969 series. Celebrating these impressive machines, Legendary Collector Cars was happy to host this event and is already planning next year’s!

The centerpiece of the first Ford Talladega Family Reunion was this amazing example of Ford’s ingenuity. Built on September 25, 1969 – several months prior to the assembly of the first production Talladega on January 22, 1969 – this car’s beautiful bright red paint and custom “C” stripe on the side were unique to this prototype.

Distinguishing the prototype from production Tallagedas were its hand-formed rocker panels and rocker moldings, GT trim, bucket seats and console, Rimblow steering wheel and tach, a functioning ram air hood and scoop (employing hood pins instead of a latch), and its unique rear panel trim.