Over the last couple of decades, electronic fuel injection systems have not only become common, but in many cases, the standard in some racing and high performance street applications. With that has come added simplicity and a vast existence of information and knowledge that’s made the process much smoother gearheads of any tank. However, many misunderstandings and misconceptions still exist in the selection of many of the components that comprise an EFI system, particularly in the area of fuel injector sizing, fuel pumps, and mass air flow sensors for the particular engine and horsepower output that one is applying it to.

To assist current and would-be customers in selecting the proper components for their purposes, the folks at Fuel Air Spark Technology (FAST) have created a new online tool that walks one through each of the individual components for their XFI 2.0 fuel injection systems, taking into account things like the required main harness for your make/model, the fuel injector harness depending on the engine application and the firing order, and ignition adapters.

A full listing of optional harnesses, kits, and accessories for the XFI 2.0 system is also available. Once completed, you can review your selections for final approval and purchase the system right there from your computer without even making a phone call.

To check out the XFI 2.0 System Selector tool, click here. To learn more about FAST and their line of EFI systems, components, and accessories, log on to fuelairspark.com.