n 1989, at the beginning of the Fox Mustang craze and before some of you reading this were even born (let alone of age to have a driver’s license) J. Bittle and the team at JBA Headers were invited by Road & Track Editor Garrett Lai to participate in a shootout put on by his magazine. The shootout was entitled “Supercars” and was set to feature 24 of the world’s quickest cars in a special issue of the magazine.

Despite not even having a Mustang in his possession that could compete in the event at that time, Bittle accepted the invitation and started pulling strings to make the project happen. After making contact at Ford, Bittle secured a car to be modified and made ready for the competition. The catch was that the car had to be prepared and ready in less than 30 days, as the shootout was scheduled for the following month.

You can read more of the story on the car’s history, including how it topped 175 MPH on its maiden voyage, but know this before clicking out – the JBA Dominator is one of the most influential Fox Mustangs ever, and now it’s for sale.

The car has been meticulously maintained over the years, owned mostly by JBA employees and car collectors, and it can be yours today for the low, low sum of $49,500 at a buy-it-now price. Heck, you could take any old Fox Mustang and work towards the same type of build, and have the same amount tied up in the car when you’re all finished. But you still won’t be the proud owner of a piece of Mustang history.  

The steel-fendered Dominator build served as the basis for a fiberglass widebody kit for the Fox that’s still offered by JBA today. The JBA Dominator package included the widebody kit and even a supercharged engine package at one time. There are very, very few of these cars left out there, and this one’s the original. Is there space in your garage? Check out the promo video shot on the car when it was sold a few years ago after the jump.