Ford has caused quite a stir by bringing back the famous Boss name for the 2012 Mustang, causing something of a feeding frenzy among car collectors and racing enthusiasts alike. The re-released of the Boss Mustang has also restored interest in the original Boss Mustangs, many of which sit in climate-controlled car collections. With all the buzz surrounding the Boss right now, it seems like a good time to off-load a low mileage example from 1969.

Autoblog came across this low-mileage, 1969 Boss 429 Mustang on eBay. This unrestored Boss has been garage kept its whole life, and with just 4,400 miles on the odometer, it is a true survivor from an era when muscle cars ruled the streets.

The Boss Mustang package debuted in 1969 as Ford had to sell 500 examples of a car before it could be raced in the Trans Am series. The Boss came in too flavors; the 302 and the 429. This particular car features the very desirable “S” version of the 429 motor, which was only available on the first 279 Boss vehicles. Everything is there, including the original bias-ply tires, and while the car has been cleaned up, it has supposedly never been restored, making it something of a rarity among Mustangs.

While this Boss sports just 4,405 miles, it has in fact been raced at least a few times (and won too.) It has had just a single owner as well before the restorer bought it, and he claims to have spent over $25,000 on just one tire, a battery, the trunk mat, and a few other “key items” to bring this car up to par. So is an unrestored, all-original 1969 Boss 429 Mustang worth $550,000? The seller thinks so. Comparable Boss 429 Mustangs have sold in the $250,000 to $350,000 range, though most of those have been restored at some point in their history. Is this car worth another $150,000 because it has never been restored? You tell us.