If you’ve been around the Mustang performance world, one name you’ll surely know is Kenny Brown. With many years background in race car fabrication and setup, his introduction to the Mustang world came in 1986 when he started preparing the cars for, and managing Steve Saleen’s Mustang race team. That effort culminated in 1987 when the team took the Driver’s Championship, Team Championship, Manufacturer’s Cup, and Tire Manufacturer’s Championship in the Escort Endurance Series.

You can check out the eBay listing here.

For the following two years, Brown worked on race Mustangs for other customers, increasing his reputation as a performance guru. He branched into developing street cars and performance parts for them and continues growing a successful business today. Along the way, he also participated in NASA American Iron racing and most recently was instrumental in supporting SpeedWorks Racing, in their Mustang Challenge efforts and the success of Ben Crosland.

Stepping back a few years, Brown built and raced a 1992 Mustang LX that also found uses in company marketing and advertising. That car is up for sale on eBay (and several other Mustang forums) for KB enthusiasts. According to the seller, the car is currently race-ready and features a 350 hp GT40X engine, with 5-speed transmission and 8.8-inch rear axle with Torsen differential.

The car’s suspension, as might be expected, is said to feature every the best of every KB component available. With a reported 8600 miles on the chassis, the car has apparently been raced three times since its rebuild in 2005. The car is located in Franklin, IN, and has a starting bid of $19,000.