The Ford Mustang has an incredibly broad appeal across many different languages, cultures, and backgrounds. Perhaps that it was there is such a feverish, dedicated aftermarket that supports everything from go-fast performance parts to outlandish bodykits designed only to attract attention. And then there are those pioneers who go beyond the confines of the aftermarket to do something completely custom…sometimes with mixed results.

We would say this notchback Fox-body Mustang on eBay definitely falls in the “mixed results” category. The traditional Mustang look has been replaced by a Nissan Skyline bodykit…and we don’t know whether to like it, or laugh at it.

Skyline and Mustang have come together before, most infamously being the Skyline’s turbo six-cylinder engine swap into a classic fastback ‘Stang from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. This ‘89 notchback still has the beating heart of a 5.0 V8, backed by a five-seed transmission. Some mild modifications have been done to the motor…but the real mods are in the bodywork.

We’ll give the seller credit for admitting that the bodywork is “less than professional,” though from the pictures the Skyline conversion seems fairly complete. The front end is a “Demon” bodykit bumper, the side skirts are stock Mustang GT stuff, and the rear end has been converted to a stock Skyline booty.  And you know what? It’s damn different, that’s for sure. Whether you like it or not is personal preference, but we give this guy bonus points for being unique.