With the resurrection of the venerable 5.0 moniker on the Ford Mustang, the Blue Oval has rekindled a tsunami of nostalgia for the original 5.0 Mustang, the popular Fox body. The Fox body was one of the most popular Mustang body styles of all times, and many former owners who can’t afford a new Mustang 5.0 are looking to rekindle old memories by buying up one of the many pristine Fox body Mustangs that show up online now and then.

We came across one particularly clean example on eBay, but what sets it apart from many of the other 5.0’s up for sale is that this isn’t a Mustang GT, but rather a notchback 5.0 coupe.

During the 1980’s the hatchback body style became incredibly popular, and not just with Mustang fans but with Camaro enthusiasts as well. Unlike GM though, Ford offered a Mustang in traditional coupe form. This LX Coupe 5.0 is rather rare, as it wears none of the distinguishing body cladding that set the Mustang GT apart from the crowd. The real kicker for this sale though is the fact that this 1991 Mustang has a scant 432 miles on it, and according to seller, this vehicle has never seen any adverse weather.

That’s a rather bold claim, though judging by the original tires and dealer stickers still adorning this Mustang, it’s probably true. Mustangs of every generation are bought and kept as future collectors items, and while we’ve seen some outrageously priced Fox body Mustangs for sale before, this one did not meet its almost $25,000 reserve price, with the top bit not even breaking $16,000. For such a low mileage Mustang though, we’ve got to ask, what do you think is a fair price?