We were recently browsing DynoJet’s vast website to check out what new and interesting products they had to share amongst their lineup of dynamometers, tuning modules and monitors, and other automotive and motorcycle electronic gadgetry. DynoJet has designed several different chassis dynos for two and four wheel drive vehicles, as well as motorcycles. And wouldn’t you know it, they also have a scooter dyno. That’s right, the SD12 Scooter Dyno.

A scooter dyno has absolutely nothing to do with any of our target markets here at powerTV other than possibly the fact that racers ride them at the track, but you just can’t help but be intrigued. If you’re like us, you’re wondering who in the world has a need for a scooter dyno? You can just picture a couple of overly competitive backwoods racers who got bored and had a little too much to drink racking their mopeds out one of these to see who has the upper hand.

Well in fact, in Japan and other locales around the world, they actually hop these things up with some rather hefty modifications and race them, Moto GP-style. Because most of the videos and information that exist on these “race” scooters are in foreign languages, we weren’t able to track down any actual horsepower and torque figures, but they look relatively fast and they sound pretty darn good and that’s usually enough to pique the interest of any gearhead. And there must be a market, because DynoJet jumped on it.