Photo Credit: Ford

Most Mustang and Ford enthusiasts know that Dynacorn has been stamping out and building 1968-70 Mustang body shells for the past few years. While some folks might have a problem with these being produced in China, you cant beat the price for a straight and rust free classic Mustang body.  A recent article in Autoweek Magazine reports that Ford and Dynacorn are rumored to be working on a Fox Body Mustang shell in the near future?

Its been over 15 years since the last Fox bodied Mustang rolled off the Dearborn assembly line and since that time the cars have developed a cult like following. Earlier this year CNN/Money Magazine’s online edition voted the 85-93 Mustang 5.0 as one of its dirt cheap collectible cars.

Any Fox body owner will tell you that it’s becoming harder to find all the parts and pieces needed to restore a Fox Mustang. The platform has become very popular with the drag racing market and the 4 cylinder models can be found in circle track “bomber” classes from coast to coast. The cars light weight and simple suspension design make it a great platform for any project and most aftermarket parts are very affordable.

During the last five years, Ford has expanded its program to license old tooling to reproduction companies in an effort to keep the classic Ford hobby alive. This year at SEMA, Ford and Dynacorn plan to unveil a classic Bronco body and rumor has it information will be available on the Fox body program. With Ford’s new 5.0 liter engine and the potential for a “new” Fox body mustang shell, the Mustang car hobby might get a lot more interesting.