Gratuitous chase sequence warning, this video contains some seriously awesome drifting action thanks to the DRAGG program. If you have not heard of DRAGG, the acronym stands for Drag Racing Against Gangs & Graffiti. This after-school program located in Oxnard, California, enlists the help of automotive industry professionals and law enforcement to help high school students avoid criminal activity.

“Our main push now is getting kids involved in the automotive industry instead of having them spend time on the streets getting into trouble. We want to push them to look at what’s out there for them, instead of going downthe path that we see far too many of them taking,” Officer Charles Woodruff explained.


For those old enough to remember, the California Highway Patrol used Fox Mustangs to chase down speeders, criminals, and other malfeasants. (Photo Credit: Vortech)

“We’ve had a great response to the program. It started with the local schools and is now with the entire (Ventura) county,” he added. “We give them lots of hands-on experience at different locations—there are six students out here today on this video shoot and we’re trying to incorporated them into the video. That’s the really cool part: not only are they in class learning to change oil and stuff like that, we also take them on tours to Vortech’s place, for instance, to show them why they need the math and computer skills.”

This video helps to promote the efforts of the students enrolled in the DRAGG Program through the use of the Thin Blue Line build. In the opening sequence, “Officer Dan” Brockett gets a call to pursue a bank robbery suspect who is driving a high-performance BMW. Dan gets behind the wheel of the 2015 Ford Mustang known as “The Thin Blue Line,” to chase down the Coyote-powered Bimmer driven by Matt Coffman.