The Ford Mustang has had one of the most diverse lineups of engines in the history of automobiles. From fuel-frugal four-cylinders to the gargantuan big-block V8 engines that helped make it famous and even turbocharged engines, the Mustang has always had plenty of choices. But never a diesel engine. That hasn’t stopped some people from making their own diesel-powered Mustangs.

Bangshift reports that the Nitrous Express Duramax Diesel Mustang took part in the Texas Mile Land Speed Event this past weekend, where it ran an astounding 205 MPH.

How could it go that fast? Well this is no ordinary Mustang drag car. Shrugging off convention, Mike Wood crammed a 6.6 liter Duramax diesel engine into the car. That required a lot of cutting and custom fabrication, but him and his crew made it work. They didn’t stop there though, adding bigger turbochargers and a nitrous system to help this crazy car get even crazier, running consistent 9-second runs with the bottle turned on. This Mustang also manages to get 35 mpg on the highway and yes, it is street legal, as Mike drives it every year to the Hot Rod Drag Week.

This land speed of 205 mph has been a steady progression, as back in March Mike ran at the same Texas Mile event and went 202 mph. In 2009, he ran a best of 180 mph. We wonder how much farther Mike can take this beast? One thing is for sure, this might just be the most unique Mustang in the world.

What is your take on the diesel-powered Mustang? If you could, would you ever do a similar swap?