The legacy of Carroll Shelby will continue to live on through the company that bears his name, Shelby American, and this great aftermarket automotive tuner shows no signs of slowing down. With the new Shelby GT500 offering 662 horsepower from the factory though, there were many calls for Shelby to step up its game and offer an incredible Super Snake package for these already-bonkers American supercars.

Well Shelby has delivered, revealing the first details and pictures of the 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake. With a sexy body kit, custom interior, and up to 850 horsepower, the 2013 GT500 Super Snake certainly lives up to the legend it embodies.

Of course, if you can’t afford the 850 horsepower Super Snake package, Shelby American will be happy to sell you a “base” model Super Snake that makes due with the stock 662 horsepower. But you’ll still get unique wheels and for the first time in Shelby’s history, a choice or rear-only, or front-and-rear “wide body” styling packages.

Like all Shelby vehicles though, the suspension and brakes will be upgraded, along with the interior to give Shelby customers an extra level of cabin refinement. For those wanting more power, Shelby is only too happy to oblige, including a Shelby/Borla exahust and upgraded Whipple supercharger.

The Super Snake post-title package starts at $28,995, on top of the cost of a 2013 Shelby GT500. If you’re looking for 850 horsepower, plan to spend $39,995 on top of the cost of the GT500. It ain’t cheap…but it is a Shelby, which makes it totally worth it.