Around 12 years back, BG Fuel Systems introduced their “Street Demon” performance carb as an application specially engineered for mildly modded street performance motors. The Demon carburetors are easily recognized by their tubular inlet assembly and quick change vacuum pod.

Demon Fuel Systems are happy to announce the reissue of the street friendly, “Street Demon” carburetor. Currently available as a 625cfm unit, the 725 version of the Street Demon is expected to be reissued next week. Demon’s current 625 “Street Demon” began shipment on Monday, and the carburetor is designed to work with cam durations of up to 220 degrees at 0.050-inch lift. Production of the all new, 625cfm carb is expected to begin by this month.

Designed with street rods and mildly modded muscle as the focus, the Street Demon carb also features an electric choke with a smooth choke tower, and is engineered to bolt on to a square or spread bore patterned intake. Because of its mild manner and usability, the Street Demon has become among top choice for entry level performance applications, and its one of a kind “Goggle” valve allows for twice the airflow of the carb’s regular primaries.

BG have also announced that Demon’s “98” main bodies are also in current production, and work on fuel pump service parts is in progress. Formerly sold under the “BG Fuel Systems” name, the new parts will be sold exclusively under Demon.