The 427ci engine is a true icon in the Ford Performance world and has been for decades, and Dart Heads, an icon it its own right, recently unveiled its new small block ford 427 engine blocks and short block assemblies for those craving a tough, high horsepower small block Ford.

The new Dart SHP 427 block is based upon the standard SHP 9.500″ deck height, 351 Windsor-style block. The complete short block features a 4.125″ bore and a 4.000″ stroke, with all forged internals that include a 4340 crankshaft, 4340 H-beam steel rods with 3/8 cap screws, and file-fit Hastings rings and Clevite bearings. This mill comes out to a compression of 9.5:1 with 62cc chambers or 9.9:1 with 58cc chambers. Like all SHP short blocks, everything is internally balanced for the utmost in performance reliability.

The SHP Ford small blocks are tailored to high performance street and racing applications and are available as 8.2″ deck heights (302) or the aforementioned 9.5″ and can also be had with 4.000″ or 4.125″ siamese bores. The valleys are machined to allow for use of the factory roller lifter guides and retainer plate. As well, they feature scalloped water jacket walls, a priority main oiling system that improves coolant flow around cylinder barrels, extra thick deck heights, blind tapped head bolt holes, and steel bolt main caps. The SHP Ford block allows for the use of most stock components and accessories for those preparing their own short blocks.