The Ford GT40 is perhaps one of the most famous race cars ever produced by an American automaker. Born out of an intense rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, very few Ford GT40’s were ever actually built. But replica and kit cars? Those are almost too numerous to count. Ever since the first GT40 was born, people have been obsessed with the image this legendary racers give off.

These days, affording a legit Ford GT40 is beyond the means of all but the wealthiest individuals. But clean kit cars can be had for a very reasonable price, including this Fiero-based replica for sale on the Hartford, CT Craigslist site. Ford $9,200, can you do better?

The 1980’s Pontiac Fiero is one of the few affordable mid-engine automobiles you can get. As such it has become very popular with kit car makers who want to add a bit of exotica to these old Pontiacs. The Fiero can even be outfitted with a mid-mounted V8 engine, as they make swap kits for this setup. Alas, this particular Fiero is stuck with the worst engine combo ever; a 4-cylinder motor backed by an automatic transmission. Yuck.

However, the rest of the replica doesn’t look too bad. Sure, the back end is a bit smashed, but the paint is clean, the wheels are nice, and as far as kit cars go, this one ain’t half bad. Plus the asking price of $9,200 leaves a lot of room for an engine/transmission swap, and hopefully some interior improvements as well. Because this GT40 replica desperately needs it.

What big bad motor do you think this GT40 wannabe should get?