We’re always on the lookout for rare and interesting automobiles for sale, and we usually find them on eBay and Craigslist. For today’s rare and interesting find we bring you this ’61 Ford Falcon pickup truck. Yup that’s right, for a very brief period Ford marketed a truck wearing the Falcon badge to compete with Chevrolet’s Corvair pickup back in the early ’60s.

This must have confused consumers apparently, since it was only sold for the first six months in 1961 only to be rebadged as the Econoline later on. A total of 3,100 units were ultimately built before the name change. Anyway, enough of the history lesson. One of them has just popped up on Craigslist for a relatively large amount: $21,250. It may seem not like that much money to some, but for what is essentially an early Econoline pickup with a swapped-in 200ci 6-cylinder engine, it isn’t cheap.

This one has been customized slightly as well, featuring Flowmaster exhaust, Rhino bed lining, smoothed bumpers, a shaved tailgate, aftermarket wheels, “liquid smoke” paint, and custom headlights and taillights. Overall, it’s a nice looking truck, and we wouldn’t hesitate to take to a local cruise-in.

In case you don’t have the $21,250 burning a hole through your pocket, John the owner/seller, is willing to trade his Falcon truck for “land, real estate property, a sand rail, sand car, musclecar, classic car, vintage car, long travel pre-runner, or a trophy truck.”

Sounds like he has a wide array of interests, and for that alone he earns points with us.