Recently, FordMuscle covered the discovery of an alleged 1968 Fastback Mustang in Mexico that was rumored to be the missing Bullitt Mustang. According to Fox News Auto, this ’68 Fastback is in fact the missing Bullitt Mustang that was driven by Steve McQueen and stunt performers during filming.

Originally, the discovery of the missing Mustang was posted on Vintage Mustang Forums by user Fede Garza. Garza is the in the fastener business and one of his clients purchased this fastback along with a coupe in Mexico. According to Garza, Kevin Marti of Marti Reports was headed to Mexicali to verify the authenticity of the 1968 Highland Green Fastback. According to Fox News Auto, Marti was able to inspect the car and confirmed that it was the long missing Mustang from the iconic movie known for its unparalleled chase sequence.

Marti is an expert on all things Ford, especially when it comes to verifying the VIN for classic Fords, such as the one found in Mexico. After completing his inspection of the car, the VIN number was proven to be original and thus proved that this was the long missing Mustang.

After filming the car’s whereabouts are only a matter of speculation based on the confirmation of this pony’s pedigree. Whether or not is was sent to the glue factory (scrap yard), it somehow made its way south of the border where remained for decades. Based on Garza’s information the car had been sitting in Baja California Sur when it was purchased by the shop owner who had dealings with Garza’s employer. Fox News Auto, added that Hugo Sanchez purchased the car approximately one year ago.