What is a “bolt-on” modification? Some people would tell you that it is limited to intake and exhaust modifications. Others might insist that certain power adders qualify as bolt-on mods. If you ask us, since every piece of an engine is held together by bolts, pretty much every performance modification is a bolt-on…though some projects take longer to put together than others.

Normally, supercharging a car like the 2011 Mustang GT is at the very least a weekend project, but the guys over CJ Pony Service managed to do the entire install live in front of a crowd in just six hours, reports the CJ Pony Parts blog.

The team of two headed to the Keystone Big Show in New Jersey this past weekend, where a customer volunteered his Mustang for the install. The goal was to install an Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger by the end of the day, when Vic Edelbrock Jr. would sign the car. That’s no small task, even for experienced technicians.

But do it they did, taking just six hours to perform the entire install. It’s pretty amazing, considering the complexity of today’s engines, that a couple of guys could install an entire supercharging system in about half a days worth of work. We wonder if that isn’t some kind of record? These live installs seem to be gaining popularity, especially after Kurgan Motorsports completed a Coyote 5.0-into-Fox-body swap last summer at the Carlisle Ford Nationals. Next thing you know you’ll have an entire car restoration taking place over the course of a weekend.

As if.