Canton Racing Products needs no introduction to anybody in the world of 1320 competition – their oil pans are second to none, plenty of high-end cars are using their dry sump hardware, and Canton’s patented Accusump oil accumulator has saved an untold number of expensive race engines from oil starvation when the chutes open. But here’s something you might not know; they’ve also turned their considerable engineering talents to manufacturing carburetor and EFI spacers, and even fuel pump insulators.

So why would you want a spacer? Canton’s got a tech Q&A page that answers that exact question. Phenolic spacers, which are made from compressed layers of canvas infused with resin, are lightweight and a good insulator, reducing heat transfer between components like the intake manifold and carburetor/throttle body, or the engine block and a mechanical fuel pump. Some classes of racing require aluminum if spacers are used, and Canton has those covered as well. In addition, aluminum spacers can be machined in interesting shapes – open designs to maximize plenum volume, or 4-hole tapered designs intended to improve distribution and strengthen the vacuum signal to the carb.

As Canton points out, it takes some experimentation to find out what kind of spacer your combination likes best, but even though it may take a little trial and error to establish the best match, it’s still cheap horsepower by any standard. Canton offers multiple designs, materials, and applications, and all of them are built to the same high standard.