Who here doesn’t dream of winning the lottery? It could be $50 or $50 million, everybody likes to win “free” money, and we all ponder what we would do if we hit the jackpot. We’re sure many of our readers would rush out to the nearest Ford dealership and plunk down a deposit on the 650 horsepower 2013 Shelby GT500.

But for an Edmonton man, a trip to the store for pickles and a lotto ticket turned into a $22 million windfall. Now Lawayne Musslewhite can finally afford the 1965 Shelby GT350 that he’s always wanted, reports the Edmonton Journal, though that isn’t the only Mustang he purchased since hitting it big.

Lawayne, whose first car was a ‘67 Mustang droptop, has been a lifelong Ford fan since the age of 16. During his 20’s Lawayne and his brother restored 31 classic Mustangs, and he owned several more himself, but he could never afford his true love; a ‘65 Shelby GT350. These cars regularly sell for over $200,000, a lot of money for a man like Lawayne.

Then one night in November of 2010 Lawayne went out to pick up a jar of pickles and a lottery ticket from his local Canadian convenience store (which we assume is a log cabin run by a bear.) He later learned that he and his wife were the sole winners of the $22,292,000 jackpot. The first thing Lawayne bought himself was that ‘65 Shelby GT350. His wife finally got a dishwasher.

Since winning the lottery last year, Lawayne has purchased four classic Shelby Mustangs, including a Hertz Special, two ‘68 GT500’s (including a KR model). Amazingly, Lawayne drives these cars, noting that “they can always be restored again.” We like that attitude.