Bennie Martinez has been a Shelby car owner and enthusiast for years. So it was quite natural that he continued the muscle car tradition by raising his two sons to appreciate the world of Shelby performance and design.

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The boys are quite aware of their father’s passion. Some time back, the family went to a car show where Bennie’s first son, Diego, said, “Daddy look, it’s like your Super Snake!” The booth people looked up in disbelief and one asked, “How does your son know what a Super Snake is?”

Proudly, Bennie replied that the family owns a very special GT500 Super Snake. In 2007, to celebrate the birth of Diego, Bennie purchased a Titanium Grey GT500 and had it upgraded with the Shelby Super Snake package. Recently, Bennie celebrated the birth of his second son, Dyson, just the same way but with with a Grabber Orange 2009 GT500 Super Snake this time.

The Shelby Super Snake is a post-title package from Shelby American in Las Vegas, NV. Starting from a production Shelby GT500 Mustang, the car is upgraded to 630 hp output using a Ford Racing TVS supercharger. Brakes, exhaust, wheels and tires are also changed to handle the increased power. A distinctive Super Snake hood is provided, in addition to Shelby striping and badges.

Certainly, the Shelby Super Snake is among the most desirable of the modern Shelby Mustangs. For the time being, Bennie is custodian of the keys. Each boy will take possession on their graduation from college. Mind you, they could still get a lot of seat time between now and then… at least if their father is driving.