What kid growing up in the 1980’s didn’t aspire to own a Power Wheels? They were by far the coolest toy cars of their time, giving us kids a taste of what it was like to be an adult, driving mommy or daddy’s car minus the high cost of gas, constant traffic congestion, and shady car salesmen.

The Mustang has been a cornerstone of the Power Wheels lineup for years now, and this holiday season sees the addition of the Boss 302 Mustang to that lineup, reports Mustang Evolution.

Power Wheels currently offers two Mustangs in its lineup; a red one for boys, and a pink one for the ladies. Like other Power Wheels, the Boss 302 Mustang will be powered by a 12-volt rechargable battery. It will come with two speeds (2.5 mph and 5 mph) as well as reverse, and perhaps coolest of all, a sound box will give your kids the sounds of a real Boss 302 Mustang.

Colored Kona Blue and adorned with Boss 302 stickers, this special Power Wheels also comes with unique, flashier wheels. Two adjustable seats and a cup holder round out the feature list. While it may not be as cool as the gas-powered Power Wheels, we know plenty of kids who would love a gift-wrapped Power Wheels Boss 302 Mustang this holiday season.